Why Sidr Honey?


 Sidr honey has always been used as a natural and effective medicinal tonic since centuries.  Roman, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Muslim and Christian civilisations have used Sidr honey religiously for the treatment of internal and external infections of the body.  Indian Ayurvedic medicine also holds a great  respect  towards healing and unique rejuvenating qualities of Sidr honey.  Sidr honey has always been used as a medicine, as a vitalising tonic, as a beauty treatment, and as a natural aphrodisiac.  Being aphrodisiac  and being anti- infectious are the two most potent qualities of Sidr honey which make this golden syrup incomparable to all other conventional medicines and remedies.

 As spending money and spending money wisely are two different  things.  Similarly buying honey and buying only Sidr honey are two different approaches. Sidr honey is the product where you spend your money wisely to buy health in no  money back  guarantee.    Sidr honey is a monofloral honey which strictly means that the honey bees are exclusively fed on Sidr flowers.  Pakistan has huge areas of fertile land where thick populations of naturally grown Sidr trees are present,  which would eventually give a pure yield of Sidr honey.  These specialised areas are taken great care to keep them disease free.  These cultivations are growing in the healthy, pollution free environment of Norhern and Punjab provinces of Pakistan..   As the environment is pollution free, so there is least to no use of chemical insecticides and hence adulteration of honey.  Only traditional indiginous methods are  used to destroy pests if any,  to maintain purity of Sidr honey.  Being monofloral holds great value for quality of Sidr honey.   Lote tree or Jujube tree or Christ's thorn are the common names for Sidr tree.  All parts of Sidr tree have including roots, bark, leaves and fruit hold medicinal properties and have been used by ancient civilisations.  So it proves that when honey is extracted from Sidr flowers it is supposed to possess all the medicinal properties of a Sidr tree.

Sidr honey is a raw, pure, and original product of Pakistan.   Under strict hygienic conditions Sidr honey is filtered without using any heating and stored in food grade containers to supply this product to all  customers as per their  requirement  through out  the year. 

As we get the product of  honey bees mainly and solely  from  Sidr flowers so the genuinity and price of Sidr honey is justified.  This is why all the products of honey bees i.e honey, beewax, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom are most potent in action.  The composition of Sidr honey truly describes its potency. It is the best available vitality tonic with its rich source of  natural sugars, antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. It is surely the best wound healer, aphrodiasiac and anti bacterial syrup.

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