Before trying Goldy Sidr Honey from Pakistan I was using Sidr honey from Yemen.  Last summer I visited an old friend of mine and had a chance to taste Goldy honey on breakfast table.  Believe me, to my astonishment it tasted better with pleasant aroma..  I ordered one bottle and hope to be a regular Goldy Sidr honey customer.
Fahad Murtaja,  Jeddah,  Saudi Arabia.


We being Chinese take honey as a holy and holistic tonic of life.  I have been travelling around the world and tasting honey of different origins.  During net surfing I saw your web site and could not resist ordering honey on line.  Goldy honey really takes the lead in all available Sidr honeys in the market regarding color, thickness, taste and aroma.  My seasonal allergy symptoms seem quite settled after the intake of Goldy honey.  All the best Goldy Honey.
Dong Feng,  CA, USA. 


I tried your honey side by side with a national brand, and there really is no comparison. The flavor of your honey is so fresh and balanced.I want to let you know how much our family enjoys your Goldy Sidr Honey. Thank you for your efforts and wonderful honey. Keep up the good work!
Angelina Austin


I am 65 years old and am suffering from osteoporosis for the last 7 years.  Along with taking my Calcim and Vitamin D supplements, I am using Goldy honey regularly as first food of the day.  I have noticed a lot  of regression in my bone aches and pain.  More over whenever i feel exhausted, I take one table spoonful of Goldy honey.  I feel rejuvenated in not more  than  half an hour.
Mary Juan,  Indonesia.


After my  vigorous daily  workouts nothing proved as  revitalising as Goldy Sidr honey.  Its aphrodiasiac quality  beats  all medicines. I could not believe till I tried it my self. I can't leave Goldy honey for the rest of my life.  
George Martin, UK.

I had been allergic to all seasonal allergens for the last many years. I had to go through symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, cough and lethargy twice in a year till a friend of mine from Pakistan gifted me Goldy Sidr honey with healing wishes. I swear, after using regularly for one month my years old problem of "Allergy" showed a drastic regresssion. I have been using it regularly for the last six months and have said GOOD BYE to conventional Anti Allergics including nasal sprays and cough suppressants etc.  Goldy Sidr honey is a Holistic Elixir of life.  Siraj Rizvi, California. USA.








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 After my vigorous daily workouts nothing proved as revitalising as Goldy Sidr honey. Its aphrodiasiac quality beats all medicines...

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