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 Sidr honey is renowned for its strong Antibacterial, Aphrodisiac and Wound Healing properties all over the world. Since centuries it has been used for treating infections and burns. Modern Medical Science Professionals have started to explore its Antibacterial effects throughout world. Several studies are being conducted at Individual and Institutional levels to discover myriads of qualities of this truly holistic food.

  •  Throughout history, honey has been used because of its valuable medical properties. It has been found useful in the treatment of burns and wounds owing to its promotion of rapid healing through a number of mechanisms.1-3 Honey’s high osmolarity, acidic pH, inhibin factor, and nutrient content contribute to the inhibition of bacterial growth and the promotion of wound healing…read more


  •  The effectiveness of honey was compared with 1% silver sulfadiazine was judged onthe basis of three criteria. These included the speed of wound healing, the rapidness of pain relief without oral medicines and the pain relief without oral medicines and the time taken by the wound to get sterilized…readmore.


  • Typhoid fever continues to be a global health problem. The emergence of situation has further aggravated with the recent emergence of quinolone resistance especially in the developing countries. Honey is  increasingly becoming a part of modern medicine and has been approved for the treatment of chronic skin infections and burns. Its role in systemic infections is, however, not known. The aim of this study was to determine, if Pakistani honey had antibacterial activity against typhoidal salmonellae, including multi-drug resistant strains. Agar dilution assay was adopted to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration. Two types of natural honeys and one simulated honey were evaluated. Black seed honey inhibited all strains at concentration median 9.0±1.0% (v/v) and shain honey at median 12.0±1.0% (v/v). Simulated honey inhibited these strains at concentration median 30±0.0% (v/v). This demonstrates that antibacterial effect of natural honey is not linked with high osmolarity alone.  Read more…



  • Diabetes is a major cause of debilitating illness in Pakistan especially when left untreated or ignored.  It is said universally that “Diabetics should keep their feet as clean as their face to avoid serious complications such as “Diabetic foot”.  Diabetic foot results in those cases where diabetes is long standing, ignored or overlooked and moderate to severe sensory loss is present in hands and feet (i.e. extremities).   Usually conventional medical and the most preferred and optional surgical treatment  is followed for diabetic foot which is surgical amputation or disarticulation of the involved area of the involved extremity..  Surgical amputation has its own hazards and side effects apart from psychological and physical set backs on the affected patients.  Now a days scientists are doing researches on the healing potential of Natural Honey which may in future may replace conventional treatment of “Diabetic foot”…Read more


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