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Our bee farms are located in a quiet and remote area of Mehra Shareef, Pakistan. This area is one of the few areas in the world having naturally grown Sidr (Lote) Trees (Also called bairy or bair or bairee tree in local Urdu language).

Goldy Honey Bottle 1kgGoldy Honey only sells 100 percent natural and raw Sidr Honey.  We do not sell any other type of honey just because we believe in quality and want to be focused on the most rare and most beneficial honey available.  We do not sell low quality honey, mixed honey, or any other type of honey. We guarantee the quality of our honey and offer a generous refund policy. We did our best to keep the prices as low as possible; however, the cost of Sidr honey is always high because of the limited production capacity. Some retailers prefer to mix Sidr honey with other types to reduce the price and sell more. We believe that selling the best quality is the right way to cultivate a long term relationship with our customers.

 We work hard to extract the purest Sidr Honey and will like to make one time customer a repetitive customer.  Sidr honey is for those who love its purity, health benefits, soothing aroma and great taste.  We strive hard to be the best in production and retailing of Sidr Honey.



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"Aphrodisiac, Nasal Congestion, Dry/Irritated Skin,Sleeplessness

Price: $55


 After my vigorous daily workouts nothing proved as revitalising as Goldy Sidr honey. Its aphrodiasiac quality beats all medicines...

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