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Raw versus Raw - 11/6/2012

Yes,  it does seem very strange when we say  that one raw factor  is fighting with another raw factor.  I am right in saying this because when i used Goldy raw sidr honey, all raw feelings of acute allergy  involving  my maxillary, frontal, nasal, and  ethmoidal  sinuses vanish away.  It even does not take pretty long time to counteract the  irritating and raw feelings of acute allergy involving ear, nose and throat.  Using Goldy honey for a couple of days, twice or  thrice daily will settle down the irritating phase of acute allergy.

Any anti-histamine, if taken immediately after an allergic phase starts does settle down the symptoms of itchy  runny nose, watery eyes ,sore throat and sinusitis  quickly but the hangover of an anti-histamine is comparable to no hangover of sidr honey.In the hangover period, one feels dizzy and wants to have a deep sleep.This is not possible most of the times as we all have our committments on work place ,and at home.

Honey when taken as such or added in hot fluids  immeditely after the allergic episode takes hold of your ailment, calmes and soothes the nerves.  

Sidr honey has a unique and potent quality that it not only fights  bacteria  but also has potent anti- allergic and anti -viral properties.

This unique potent action of sidr honey makes it a top quality immune system boosting natural remedy.

Saying no to medicines is a bit difficult  for habitual drug users but where health comes first,  all natural remedies take the lead.

 Being organic and un-adulterated, sidr honey  as Goldy Honey meets  all the international  standards of  pure organic honey.

Say  bye bye to all medicines and  welcome Goldy honey in your home with open arms.iam sur eit will bring wealth in the form of health.


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Fall arrives! - 9/20/2012

 Fall starts and brings with it the fragrance of winter,but people suffering from respiratory diseases are afraid of this fragrance.

Fall brings with it all the allergies leading to respiratory problems.Runny nose ,itchy eyes, sneezing,cough and at times stuffed nose and ears add a mess to daily life.

Raw,organic, Goldy honey is pure sidr honey which gives the answer to all the above mentioned symptoms of  allergies.

It is proven that taking Goldy Sidr Honey twice daily with the start of autumn season regularly helps in combating all the respiratory ailments to such an extent that your intake of allergy medicines is remarkably reduced.

So.don,t buy medicines,buy Goldy Sidr Honey.

My strong recommendations for Goldy honey have benefited many people.


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