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Bye Summer, Hi Winter! - 10/4/2013

We all have enjoyed long summer months though at times it felt quite frustrating. Long summer days are very exhausting as perspiration is taking away most of our energy. I felt energetic throughout as I never missed my energy drink. You will be keen to ask which energy drink. Yes my answer is a glass of water with 1 table spoonful of Sidr honey. I have never experienced such an instant energy drink which refreshes you in seconds as if you have pressed the refresh button of your laptop.

Now as the summer season is tapering off , Autumn will be setting in in a few weeks time with all fading colours of Nature. Though attractive, fantastic, aromatic and romantic Autumn arrival is alarming and disturbing for people with seasonal allergies. Allergic people look forward to Autumn as a season for Achoo Achoo!, piles of Clean-ex boxes, nasal sprays and cough syrups etc.

Welcoming Autumn with open arms will not be a problem with Sidr honey, but how?

Ingesting Sidr honey throughout the year in any form especially taking one table spoonful in the morning and night will help in working as a shield against all seasonal allergies. Adding Goldy Sidr honey in your green tea and taking small sips of Sidr enriched green tea helps in boosting up Immunity to combat allergies. Immunity build up with Sidr honey is the easiest and healthiest way of building Immunity. Get going healthy and fit with Goldy Sidr honey. No doubt your taste buds will be addicted to its premium taste and will always miss it.

I miss you Goldy honey!

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