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Welcome Spring! - 3/25/2013

After a long winter season, Spring has finally arrived. We are all ready for Spring Cleaning. The sweet fragrance of Spring is worth countless dollars, but those having seasonal allergies are as afraid as ever, of the series of unwanted allergic symptoms which Spring brings along with it.With the first breeze of Spring all persons suffering from allergies, well developed Asthma, sinusitis or other allergy related respiratory disorders feel alarmed to encounter a series of unwanted symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose etc.

Allergic people have to be "Health Wise" to combat allergens of all sorts. Antibiotics, antihistamines, and antidepressent tablets and syrups do provide prompt but timely relief and as soon as the effect of medicine starts diminishing , the sufferer is ready to take next Meal of medicines because the whole series of symptoms start All Over Again. The sufferer goes through pain and distress in this All Over Again episode.

Simple Ways To Reduce The Risk:

Human allergic response to seasonal allergens can be easily fought by adapting a few simple habits. These are:

• Slightly oiling your nostrils with olive oil with your finger tip . Doing this traps the allrgens from the inspired air as soon as you breathe in.

• Taking a table spoonful of Goldy Sidr honey as first food of the day.

Taking Sidr honey during allergy season depends on your personal requirement . Upto 3 table spoonful can be taken in divided doses or can be added in hot tea or green tea or even in glassful of hot water.

Sidr honey builds up resistance to allergens over the period of time and increases immunity of your body to all kinds of allergens. Good response is seen in people who take it in routine diet, even before the arrival of allergy season and for them Spring Cleaning is not a problem any more... Be strong, take Goldy honey and give a punch to allergies.

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