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Wild Comb Honey



We are offering "Whole Honey Comb" i.e a bee's natural home.

Wild Comb  honey is a big treat  for all honey lovers.  It is the purest and most original form of honey just as the bees made it...still in the comb. Where ever honey is sold in the world it is either cut comb or framed honey combs.  It contains trace amounts of  beneficial constituents like  pollens, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly etc.  These bee hives are natural colonies of bees. Acquiring and preserving these beehives is our expertise.

Our apiaries are located in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan where natural cultivations of flowering plants and Sidr trees are in abundance.The bees florish in a totally disease free environment which is maintained through natural means of pest elimination .   The use of modern Insecticides and Pesticides is strictly  prohibited .   This is why we can florish healthy bee populations and honey thus obtained has all its natural ingredients intact.


Wild Honey CombYou can now see the detailed structure of a bee house and the hexagons studded with honey.   This is what  you had always been fantasizing.  As you cut a section of honey comb, wild honey starts dripping down.  It is really mouth watering! Honey comb is made up of 100% pure honey and edible wax.  Honey lovers can eat honey and chew the wax like a chewing gum. This natural wax chewing gum can cleanse your  mouth after meals if you chew it for a few times.  It feels as you have rinsed your mouth. This type of honey which has all bee products mixed in it is beneficial for treating pollen allergies, and joint problems.


 You will only believe once you buy it.