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Say no to cold and flu

Sidr honey has  been used since centuries to treat every day ailments like cold, flu and cough with its proven efficacy.

One unique quality of Sidr honey is its rare production which limited to only fewer parts of the world.  One of its major producers is Pakistan. Mehra Shareef and Karak district area in Pakistan bears most of the honey bee population producing unique Sidr honey.

  • It is enriched with vitamins, minerals,amino acids and unique methylglyoxal(MGO) content.  As compared to all other qualities and honey brands available  in the world market, Sidr honey has lowest water content which not only increases its potency of immune system boost up but also increases its shelf life.

Related to cold and flu there are a few effective recipes from my kitchen.


  •      6 fl oz honey
  •      2 fl oz glycerine
  •       juice of two lemons 

Put these contents in a clean glass bottle and mix it well.Take 1 tablespoonful 3 times in a day if you are an adult.(for kids 1 tea spoonful 3 times in a day).  Prepare a fresh mixture on the third day.


Put  1  table spoonful of Sidr honey in half a cup of hot water.Drink it sip by sip 3 times in a day.You can add half a lemon to this mixture.It not only relieves sore throat but also soothes nerves and opens up the sinuses.


Take 1 table spoonful of pure Sidr honey early in the morning and at bed time in cold and flu.This helps in speedy recovery.

Sweet taste of honey is liked by kids too.  Note: Children under age 2 Should Not be given Honey.

1 teaspoonful of honey given to kids on an empty stomach builds resistance against cold ,flu and cough.

Stay healthy throughout the year and enjoy tranquility.

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Created on: 3/20/2012 5:37:08 PM
This is the most tasty honey I have ever eaten, afer using it for 3 months I have got rid of my worse alergy and cold.
Not registered
Created on: 12/6/2012 11:09:06 PM
I am following your blog,and I find it very informative.Add more images to make it even more interesting.
Not registered
Created on: 12/6/2012 11:10:13 PM
I am following your blog,and I find it very informative.Add more images to make it even more interesting.