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Goldy Sidr Honey is really pure!

Sidr honey has been treated as a unique product because It is peculiar to fewer regions of the world including Yemen , some African countries and Pakistan to name a few. Purity of Sidr honey is valued all over the world because it is monofloral where bees are fed only on Sidr tree flowers .  Over a  period of time, the beekeepers have been skilled for maintaining the bee colonies and acquiring most of the honey yield without undergoing destruction and wastage.

  Sidr honey yield comes only twice in a year. The first yield comes in  early Spring and the second one in Autumn. Pakistani beekeepers have the expertise of preserving  Sidr honey  after receiving main yields and make it available to the customers throughout year without any interruption in supply.

Artificial methods like heating to make filtration easy and retard  fermentation process,  reduce moisture and increase thickness ,addition of sweeteners and  artificial enzymes are  strictly avoided  to  provide Sidr honey to the customers in its purest organic form. Its high price in the market can be justified as extreme care is taken to preserve its vitamin, mineral, enzyme and antioxidant properties.

Sidr honey by Goldy honey is purely organic as it is obtained right from the beehives. It contains  many  impurities namely wax, pollen, fragments of  bee hives, broken body parts of bees, and at times traces of royal jelly by the queen bee when collected for the first time. It is mainly strained through a natural process of filtration through plain muslin aided by gravity only. It is then stored in sterile containers and is dispensed in bottles made up of food grade material.

Many organic food lovers ask for honey which is in purely raw form, others want it in a filtered condition and some even want chunks  of beehives floating in honey.  Whatever the choice of customers may be, the Organic element  of Goldy honey is proven over years.

Buy Goldy honey by name, we are sure you won’t  try any other brand of honey.

Healthy Healing wishes for you all!





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