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Our pure Sidr Honey comes from the Bee Hives located in Mehra Shareef and Karak district of Pakistan. The rich and fertile land of these areas is known for naturally grown Sidr trees peculiar to this area. This pure and raw honey is made by the honey bees which are only  fed on the nectar of rare Sidr tree flowers (Sidr tree is also known as Jujube tree).  

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Our Sidr honey is monofloral fed exclusively on the nectar of Sidr flowers. The distinctive aroma, dark colour, thickness and flavour of Sidr honey says it all. Due to its limited production and proven efficay it holds a high medicinal value.  Our Sidr honey is Nature's gift and is in much demand  throughout the world. Since centuries, ancient civilizations have used Sidr honey as a medicine for treating stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers, respiratory infections, allergies, man aphrodisiac problems, sinusitis, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, constipation, infected wounds, cuts, grazes and burns etc to name a few.

Regular use of Sidr honey boosts up immune system hence body resistance to infections.  Honey has always been an essential ingredient of all natural cosmetic care products. 

Sidr honey honey has the most potent natural aphrodisiac power with no side effects.

We claim that Goldy honey is:

  • Pure 
  • Raw
  • Organic
  • Un-heated and Unfiltered
  • Un- adulterated

Goldy honey says it all.

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"Aphrodisiac, Nasal Congestion, Dry/Irritated Skin,Sleeplessness

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 After my vigorous daily workouts nothing proved as revitalising as Goldy Sidr honey. Its aphrodiasiac quality beats all medicines...